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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare and contrast essay topics help students improve their creativity. Also, it’s simple if you're told to compare between two people, events or objects. However, like all other types of essays, it comes with its system of tackling different topics. To help you get a clearer look into the subject, go through the following list of compare and contrast essay topics. Make sure that you have the best learning exposure by going through each topic in its particular category!

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

How many of you are writing thesis statements? Struggling to come up with a particular subject? Only look at some of these compare and contrast essay topicsfor college students and you’ll have a comfortable writing experience:

  1. Difference And Similarities Between High School And College Learning
  2. American AndBritish English, Which Is More Popular?
  3. The Differences Between Employment And Education Programs
  4. Similarities Between Master’s Programs And Undergraduate Degrees
  5. Traditional Education vs. Modern Day Learning: Which One Works Best?
  6. Continuous Assessment Tests And End Of Semester Exams: Which Are Most Efficient?
  7. Social Sciences vs. Applied Sciences
  8. Should You Cook Or Eat Out As A College Student?
  9. The Internet vs. Traditional Methods Of Research
  10. Similarities Between The Lives Of University Lecturers And Students

Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Politics and History

What can we learn from history? Here are some goodcompare and contrast essay topics and questions for all writers:

  1. Similarities Between The British Colonialists And The French Colonialists
  2. Difference Between Democracy And Dictatorship
  3. What Makes Deprived Democracy Similar To Dictatorship?
  4. Similarities Between Fascism And Nazism
  5. What Was So Different Between The Outcome Of World War I And That Of World War 2?
  6. Similarities Between The Native Americans And The Africans
  7. What Is The Fundamental Difference Between A Presidential And Parliamentary System Of Governance
  8. The Vikings vs. The Ancient Romans
  9. The Situation Of Africa Before And After Colonialism
  10. Differences Between The Ideas Of The African And European Unions

Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Newbie Writers

You should not feel intimidated as a beginner writer. With some of these interesting compare and contrast essay topics, your learning experience will be smooth and very comfortable:

  1. Should You Choose Red Or Blue On Valentine’s Day?
  2. Similarities Of Living In The City And The Countryside
  3. Should You Marry While Young Or Old?
  4. Similar Issues In Christianity And Islam
  5. Should You Work During The Day Or At Night?
  6. The Difference Between The Living And The Non-Living
  7. Travelling Is Better Than Reading!
  8. Should You Travel By Road Or By Sea?
  9. Camping Trips Or Long Walks By The Beach: Which AreThe Best Romantic Experiences?
  10. It Is Better To Live Rich Than To Die Poor?

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Distinct Objects

Well, here are some of the easy compare and contrast essay topics that you’re likely to find in different learning resources:

  1. Beer vs. Whisky: Which Is The Most Preferable Choice?
  2. Similarities Between White Americans And Black Americans
  3. The Difference Between Seeking Full Time Employment Or Working As A Freelancer
  4. The Notable Differences Between Facebook And Twitter
  5. Why Is It Better To Use Photoshop Other Than Make Up?
  6. Having A Best Friend Is More Fruitful Than Having And Archenemy!
  7. Similarities Of Not Getting A Good Night’s Rest With Catching A Flu
  8. Why Should We Choose Heaven Over Hell?
  9. Some Key Differences Between The Roman Catholic And The Anglican Church
  10. Use Of Smartphones Is More Productive Than Using Traditional Landlines

Some Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Teenagers

Teens today are going through different situations. Some of these activities form captivating, funny compare and contrast essay topics especially those such as:

  1. Reading Online Is Better Than Attending Lectures
  2. T.V Shows Are More Relevant Than Radio Shows
  3. Why Are Online Notes Better Than Hard Copy Resources?
  4. Academic Trips vs. In-Class Reading
  5. Why Is InstagramMore Famous ThanPinterest?
  6. Significant Similarities Between American Football And Soccer
  7. Why Should You Take An IT Course Rather Than A Science Class?
  8. Universities And Colleges: Which Ones Work Best For You?
  9. Similarities And Differences Between A Political Career And A Business Career
  10. Watching Movies Or Studying With Friends: How Should You Spend Your Weekend?

Social Media and IT Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

There are also different social media compare and contrast essay topics which we could analyze critically. They mostly look into the basics of technological advancements in the world:

  1. Why Is Online Dating Growing In Popularity Over Real-Life Relationships
  2. Real Life Sport Is Better Than Virtual Gaming
  3. New York Has More To Offer Than The Forbes Magazine
  4. Skype Or WhatsApp: Which Is The Better Communication Platform?
  5. Watching Movies Online Is Better Than Recording Them On Blue Ray!
  6. Online Writing Services Are Faster And More Productive Than Their Traditional Counterparts
  7. Similarities Between Chat Rooms And Social Media Websites
  8. Differences Of Using A Smartphone To Access The Internet vs. Using A Personal Computer
  9. Is E-Mailing Better Than Traditional Postal Services?
  10. Having An Online Business Is Cheaper Than Setting Up A Physical Brand

Compare and Contrast Ideas onMovies and Music

Different topics on music and movies come with various intriguing ideas for your essay. Here are some of the most popular compare and contrast essay topics on music and film:

  1. Attending Live Concerts Is Better Than Watching Them Online
  2. Van Helsing Vs. Dracula
  3. Similarities Between The Lord Of The Rings And Harry Potter
  4. Differences Between Marvel And DC Comics
  5. The Hulk vs. Thor: Which Marvel Hero Grabs Your Attention?
  6. Differences Between 20th Century And 18th Century Music
  7. Modern Classic Moves Are More Captivating Than The Traditional Classics
  8. Similarities Between Watching A Comedy Movie And A Film Sequel
  9. Jon Snow Vs. Rob Stark: Who Do You Think Was The Better ‘King In The North’?
  10. Similarities Between Life In Game Of Thrones With The Modern Day Struggle For Power

Fun Compare and Contrast Topics on Literature

You’ll also encounter different issues relating to the behavior of research. Which are some of these fun compare and contrast essay topics?

  1. Similarities Between Drama School And College Literature Classes
  2. The Greek Mythology Had Some Distinguishing Differences From The Roman Mythology
  3. Sorry And Good Lessons Learned From The Story Of Romeo And Juliet
  4. Modern Day Poetry Is More Attractive To Poetry Of The 18THCentury
  5. Similarities Between Using Music And Using Prose
  6. Key Points To Take From The Story Of Hamlet And That Of Othello
  7. Why Is Fiction Literature Better Than Non-Fiction Writing?
  8. College Writing Is More Sophisticated Than High School Literature
  9. Sydney Sheldon vs. Jeffrey Archer
  10. Differences Between The Present And Past Literature

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Dealing With Science

Science is always changing and adapting. Some of the easy compare and contrast essay topics include:

  1. Why Should You Use The Microwave Instead Of The Oven?
  2. Chemistry Or Physics: Which One Do You Prefer?
  3. The Milky Way Galaxy Or Andromeda: Where Are We Found?
  4. Similarities Between The Earth And Mars
  5. What Are The Differences Between The Lunar And The Solar Eclipse?
  6. Similarities In The First And Second Landing Of The Moon By NASA!
  7. Floods Vs. Tsunamis: Which Ones Cause More Harm
  8. Similarities In The Inventions Of Thomas Jefferson And Da Vinci
  9. Comparing Two Different Scientific Formulas
  10. Robots Are Better Than Human Labor: True Or False?

General Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

There are also some general compare and contrast essay topics. These compare and contrast essay topics touch on regular life issues with the aim of helping writers understand how the world works. They include:

  1. Differences Between The English Premier League And The Spanish La Liga
  2. Should You Learn Korean Or Chinese In School?
  3. Oppression Or Freedom: Which Works Best For A Growing Nation?
  4. Should You Take Juice Or Tea For Breakfast
  5. A Vacation Is Better Than Merely Staying At Home During The Holidays
  6. Linux Is Better Than Windows: Here Are Some Exciting Reasons Why!
  7. Marxism And Capitalism: Identifying Key Similarities
  8. Why Should You Stop Living In Your Dreams And Live In The Present?
  9. Marriage Or Civil Union: Which One Brings More Success
  10. Social Media vs. Real Life Interactions, Which Is Better?


Are you ready to tackle any compare and contrast essay topic? With the above questions and essay ideas, you have nothing to worry about. Only go through enough headlines to give you a clear view of what this world of essay writing requires from you!