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Privacy Policy
The following note explains our policy toward personal information and user protection. The collected information includes:
  • Website visitors
  • Clients who pay for our services
The following information is collected automatically, any time a user visits our website:
  • user operating system
  • user browser type
  • time spent on the website
NOTE: we do not aim to detect user's identity, such as your name and address. All information collected serves to improve our services and our website layout. We do not transfer, sell, or in any other way disclose this information to third parties. Every visit to our website is monitored with Google Analytics. The tool uses 'cookies,' which anonymously and securely collect visitors' data by placing special text files in their browsers and scanning information about operating system and browser type. Further on, this data is sent to Google for analysis and statistical reporting. The statistical reports we receive from Google are aimed at the improvement of our website solely and do not serve any other commercial purposes. You can choose to disable cookies entirely or monitor the data they collect. For more information on how to monitor cookies, visit this pageĀ www.aboutcookies.org. To disable Google Analytics (on all websites you access from your device) visit this page http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.   Additional information we collect from clients who pay for our services We reserve the right to use any information you mention on our order form, including email addresses and phone numbers. Emails will be used primarily for communication regarding your order updates. The latter may include any issues we encounter with your order, any additional information we may require on the order completion stage, as well as notifications about successful order completion. In addition, we send out promotional information about discounts, special deals, or company news. Users who sign up for VIP service will also receive all order updates to their mobile numbers. Any information about your phone number and email is reserved for internal communication only. It will never be resold or in any other way transferred to third parties. We do not store our client's payment information. In addition, all credit card charges are made via encrypted SSL certificate, which ensures full protection of your financial and personal data. If you wish to unsubscribe from status updates and news about discounts, send us a message, and your contact information will be removed from our mailing list. Queries and complaints We take our customer care policy very seriously, which is why we analyze every complaint we get. If you have a reason to believe our data collection policy is in any way unreasonable, please contact our Customer Care Support at [email protected]. Personal Information Access All information we collect falls under Data Protection Act 1998. This means that users can contact us in regard to the information we possess about them. Upon such request, we are obliged to send out:
  • a full account of the information we hold
  • the reason for holding it
  • the means of receiving it
To send us a request, email to [email protected]. CONTACT US Our support managers are available 24/7, so you can get in touch with any time of day and night. No matter if you want to clarify any of the information we possess about your personal account, or simply give us another academic assignment to work on, we will be here for you. Do not waste your chance of improving your academic result and get a quote - right here, right now!