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100 Best Research Paper Topics

100 Best Research Paper Topics   Research papers form every part of a student’s life. There are many resources to turn to so students shouldn’t really struggle while trying to look for some. It is important to be accurate in each matter and give only the most relevant information. Take note of dates, time, as well as other historical conversations. Keep in mind that your entire research should be built on the strength of your topic. We’ve organized a simple list of some of the good research paper topics:

Interesting Research Paper Topics on Technology

Technology is the first category that we need to mention. The growth of mobile and smart phone devices and the new methods of industrial production need to be carefully discussed. In light of this, you’ll come across a vast degree of interesting research paper topics touching on this subject, they include:
  • Are We Safe From Cyber Threats?
  • How Can We Use Technology To Prevent External Attacks?
  • How Can We Use Online Resources To Educate Our Children?
  • How Far Have We Come To Developing A Cure For AIDS?
  • What Are The Improved Technological Methods Of Handling Cancer?
  • How Far Has The United States Gone To Remove Illegal Citizens Through Technology?
  • How Have Technological Innovations Taken Shape In Agriculture?
  • How Has The UNEP Used Technology To Conserve The Environments?
  • What Type Of Technology Is Used By NASA To Travel To Mars?
  • How Have Innovations In Science Led To Crop Production In Planets Such As Mars?

Good Research Paper Topics on The Environment

The environment is critical to our survival. Lack of a well-kept environment leads to disease and other health calamities in both the young and old. Students today need to be taught the benefits of a well-kept environment. The best way to do this is by looking at good research paper topics on the subject. They include:
  • What’s The Change In Climate Like Over The Last 30 Years?
  • What Has Led To The Increase in Ivory Trade In The World?
  • How Should We Stop The Further Spread Of Global Warming?
  • How Is The Wildlife Affected By Global Warming?
  • Unseen Tragedies Arising From Ocean Pollution
  • How Can Alternative Sources Of Energy Help In The Preservation Of Natural Resources?
  • Which Are The Different Endangered Species?
  • How Can We Preserve The Lives Of The Endangered Species?
  • What Measures Do Governments Have To Put In Place To Reduce Deforestation?
  • How Can We Use Recycling To Make The World A Better Place?

Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

There are also several research papers dealing with different legal issues. For those professionals and students interested in law, here is a fantastic place to start. These criminal justice research paper topics offer you with a diverse reach of reading resources and reference materials to help you excel in your studies. Here are some of the themes you’ll likely come across:
  • How Does Using Torrent Sites Influence Copyrighting And Creativity?
  • Do You Think Marijuana Should Be Fully Legalized?
  • How Did Legalizing Same-Sex Marriages Affect The Development Of The United States?
  • Should We Punish Criminals Because Of Sex Crimes?
  • Why Should Laws Be Guarding Against Cyber Bullying?
  • Where Should We Draw The Line Between Pornography And Artistic Photos?
  • Some Of The Important Abortion Laws Existing In The World Today!
  • Which Countries Carry Out Effective Legal Execution?
  • How Do Prostitution Laws Differ Throughout The World?
  • What Is The Situation Of The New Abortion Laws In Asia?

Easy Research Paper Topics Dealing With Business

The world of business is vast. Today, different people are looking for several ways to have the edge over their competitors. To help you have the best knowledge, even as you venture into business, here are some easy research paper topics which you should keenly follow:
  • How Can You Change Your Business To A Successful Start Up?
  • How Can We Use Creative Marketing Strategies To Increase Sales?
  • Does Taxation Kill Or Build Small Businesses?
  • Effective Time Management Skills For Both Small And Big Businesses
  • Is Multi-Tasking A Safe Method Of Working?
  • Sexual Harassment Is A Huge Hindrance To The Working Environment
  • How Different Benefits Can Make All Your Employees Happy
  • How Do Large Corporations Regularly Break The Legal Laws And Go Unnoticed
  • Which Are Some Of The Minimum Wages Present In The World Today?
  • Which Are Some Of The Most Successful Businesses Since The Beginning Of The 21st Century?

Political and History Research Paper Topics

Our history shows us where we came from and helped us appreciate our future. Here are some of the captivating history research paper topics which you’ll need to discuss for a smooth essay writing experience:
  • How Did Angela Merkel Transform Europe?
  • Will The United States Congress Impeach President Trump?
  • The Outcomes Of Brexit In Other European Countries
  • Is Putin Quietly Supporting Global Terrorism?
  • How Can The Different World Politicians Rise Against The Political Threat Caused By Russia
  • North And South Korea: Are There Any Chances Of Unity?
  • How Can We Remove Dictatorial Governments Of The 21st Century?
  • Exploring The Different Conflicts In Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Do Refugees Affect The Security Of The Host Country?
  • How Can We Unite The World In The Fight Against Racism?

College Research Paper Topics on Religion

What do you believe in? Your beliefs describe your religion. Of course, having something to believe in is quite remarkable. We should learn from our religion and also get to know those affecting others. Here are some attractive college research paper topics you need to look into carefully:
  • Are We Reaching The End Of Christianity?
  • Are Religions Expected To Justify Various Crimes Such As The Mass Killing Of People?
  • Most Famous Churches Of The Modern Day
  • Why Is Islam Slowly Growing In Popularity?
  • Should Your Religious Beliefs Influence Different Health Matters?
  • How Are Different Religions Oppressing Women?
  • How Have The Political And Religious Concepts Existed Throughout Time?
  • Famous World Leaders Who Did Not Believe In A Higher Power
  • Should We Expect A Brand New Religion Within The Near Future?
  • Evolution Has Taken The Place Of Different Creation Myths

Health and Psychology Research Paper Topics

Good health is necessary for the general growth of the body. Today, students are being taught on why it is important to eat balanced foods, consistently exercise and have enough rest. The health sector is full and comes with various psychology research paper topics which we all need to cover. Some of these include:
  • Effect Of Taking Drugs On The Human Body
  • Why Should We Have A Balanced Diet?
  • The Importance Of Maintaining Proper Hygiene At Home
  • Why Should You Eat Fruits To Improve Your Immune System?
  • Vaccination Is Important In The 21st Century
  • Here Are Some Serious Issues Touching On Birth Control
  • Alzheimer’s: Different Prevention Mechanisms
  • Why You Shouldn’t Suffer As A Cancer Patient
  • The Growth Of Technology Has Sparked Advancements In Medicine
  • How Can We Prevent Ourselves From Malaria?

High School Research Paper Topics

For all high school students, here are some of the original and conventional high school research paper topics to discuss. They are straightforward and useful to give you the best learning experience.
  • How Does Use Of Social Media Affect Interpersonal Communication?
  • In What Way Are Team Sports Affecting Social Abilities?
  • LGBT Increased Tolerance Across The World!
  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Citizenship
  • How Can We Handle Social Anxiety?
  • How Can You Protect Your Private Information On Facebook As Well As Other Social Media Websites?
  • How Can We Stop Bullying In Schools?
  • Exploring The Discrimination Of Black Women In Present America
  • Which Are The Different Ethnicities Created In The United States?
  • Gender Stereotypes Affecting Students In School

Controversial Topics for Research Paper on Culture

There are also various research paper topics dealing with culture. These questions keep on changing as what might be practiced today by a member of an individual community is likely to change tomorrow. Despite this, here are some captivating yet controversial topics for research paper:
  • The Best Musical Projects Of 2017
  • How Do Different Reality Shows Influence The Lives Of Teenagers?
  • Do Celebrities Have A Particular System To Follow In Today’s World?
  • How Much Do We Depend On Our Fictional Heroes?
  • Similarities Between The American And Japanese Cultures
  • Ageism And Sexism In Modern Day Hollywood
  • Do TV Shows Such As The American Idol Intend To Find Abundant Talent
  • The Role Of Female Actors In Ensuring That Women Are Not Discriminated In Their Work Place
  • How Has YouTube Managed To Interfere With Popular Culture?
  • How Does The Harry Potter Book Promote Active Reading?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Here are some of the argumentative research paper topics that you’ll come across while in school. Although some may be a bit challenging, they are quite beneficial to ensuring that you get a fruitful learning experience. Some of these include:
  • How To Get High Levels Of Literate Members Through Education
  • Should You Seek Massive Loans Just For A Higher Academic Education In The United States?
  • How Can The Government Improve A Teacher’s Profession?
  • How Can We Improve Education To Make It Quite Exciting?
  • How Does School Dress Code Uniform Discriminate Women?
  • What Are The Disadvantages And Advantages Of Home Schooling?
  • Can The Present System Of Education Produce Creative Geniuses?
  • The Essence Of Having A Multilingual System Of Education!
  • How To Achieve A Safe And Sustainable Environment In Schools?
  • Do Grades Adequately Describe The Knowledge Of The Students?

Research Paper Topics On Widely Talked About Issues and Events

There are several research paper topics which normally deal with general issues. Some of the best ideas include:
  • Why Is Raising A Boy Child Considered More “Financially Wise” As Compared To Raising The Girl Child?
  • Why Are People Criticising The Presidency Of Donald Trump?
  • How Will UK’s Exit From The European Union Affect International Trade?
  • Factors Which You Should Consider Before Building Your Family Home
  • How Can We Improve Food Security In Desert Countries?
  • Why Are There So Many Cases Of Indiscipline In High Schools Today?
  • Importance Of Face To Face Communication In Business
  • How To Negotiate The Best Business Deals In A Tight Economy
  • Which Are The Best Stress Management Methods?
  • Why Are So Many People Buying Pets Today?
Conclusion Above are just some of the basic research paper topics that you could tackle. They should help every learner know what to expect from the world of essay writing whenever they are required to discuss any of the issues mentioned. Remember that effective writing is achieved through passion and dedication!